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A nationwide recycling system for your packaging

FTI's role is to provide all companies with access to the nationwide recycling system for packaging and newspapers, which is designed to simply and efficiently meet producer obligations.

  • 2017-04-20
    GOVERNMENT DECISION: Plastic carrier bags must be reduced
    The Government has introduced a new regulation to gradually reduce the consumption of plastic carrier bags. The decision was passed at the end of November and basically entails that anyone who supplie...

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  • 2017-04-12
    Positive trend for Swedish households and plastic packaging recycling
    New statistics from The Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service (FTI) show that the amount of plastic packaging sent for recycling by Swedish households has increased for the sixth consecutive year...

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  • 2017-02-08
    Contract follow-up reveals misleading data
     A self-initiated contract audit of the four facilities engaged to process plastic packaging from Sweden gave the three German facilities a seal of approval, but also revealed that Swerec AB in Värnam...

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2013 års insamlingsresultat

Räknat i kilo per fast boende invånare i Sverige, inkluderat insamling från restauranger och storhushåll.

19.50 kG

förpackningar av Glas

12.40 kG

förpackningar av papper

5.27 kG

förpackningar av Plast

1.59 kG

förpackningar av Metall

31.50 kG


2016 års insamlingsresultat

Räknat i kilo per fast boende invånare i Sverige.

21,19 kg

förpackningar av GLas

13,24 kG

förpackningar av papper

6,38 kG

förpackningar av plast

1,6 kG

förpackningar av metall

23,62 kG