Under the Ordinance on Producers’ Responsibility for Packaging, all households and businesses are required to sort their used packaging and drop them off at designated recycling sites.

Every time you drop off some old packaging for recycling, something amazing happens. Old bottle caps are transformed into nuts and bolts. That crumpled-up packet of washing powder is made into a nice new shoe box.

Saving resources

By recycling, you're helping to save huge amounts of energy. You're also making sure that natural resources are not going to waste. Thanks to you the environment wins out, and that also makes you a winner – every time you recycle.

Where to recycle

FTI is responsible for all recycling stations in Sweden. That's where you go to leave your packaging made of plastic, paper, metal and glass for recycling. If you live in an apartment with its own collection station for packaging, you leave them there. FTI collaborates with most contractors who take care of these collections. This is your guarantee that everything is recycled in the same way.

New packaging and products

All packaging that are collected are taken for recycling into new packaging or new products. Plastic packaging can become anything from washing-up brushes to flower pots and carrier bags. Glass and cardboard are usually made into new packaging. Metal packaging can be transformed into railway tracks.

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