Paper PAckaging

Pasta and cereal boxes, milk and juice cartons, sugar packets, dog food sacks, paper carrier bags, corrugated boxes from TVs, stereos, furniture, etc.

Milk, yoghurt, juice cartons with plastic screw-on caps are sorted as cartons without a screw-on cap. The only difference is you should unscrew the cap and place it in the plastic packaging receptacle. You do not need to remove the plastic part that is attached to the carton. This will be separated from the paper at a later stage of the recycling process. Fold and flatten the paper packaging so it takes up less space. You can also place smaller packages inside larger packaging. An empty milk carton holds at least five folded cartons.

Do not sort as paper packaging

Envelopes and Post-It notes are not included in the packaging collection. Please do not put any adhesives in the paper for recycling! Dispose of them in your household waste, or in the combustible waste dumpster. Daily newspapers and weekly magazines, brochures, flyers and writing/drawing paper. Place them in the receptacle for newspapers.

Se our videos about packaging and newspaper recycling.

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