Plastic packaging

Plastic carrier bags, plastic bags, plastic tubes, refill packaging, plastic wrap and film, the inner bags in, for example, muesli boxes, bottles, cans, small drums and buckets (jam), chip bags, Styrofoam.

Is a bag with a thin aluminum coating on the inside plastic or metal packaging?

Crumple the packaging. If it stays crumpled, sort it as metal packaging; if it unfolds, sort it as plastic packaging.

Styrofoam is also included in plastic packaging. Styrofoam trays for meat and fish should therefore be placed in the plastic packaging receptacle.

Do not sort as plastic packaging

Plastic toys, plastic furniture, laundry baskets and other products that are not packaging. Sorted as bulky waste.

Returnable plastic bottles with a deposit refund are returned to the deposit-return system.

Video cassettes/VHS tapes, plastic pocket and presentation folders are sorted as household waste/combustible.

Bin bags, litter bags and dog waste bags are not packaging because they are designed to contain waste and be disposed of together with the waste.

For ostomy bags, dialysis bags, catheters and similar products, ask your municipality what you should do with this type of waste.

Plastic toys, plastic furniture, laundry baskets and other products are sorted as bulky waste.

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