Metal packaging

Tin cans, spray cans, tubes, bottle caps, lids, brush-dry paint cans (dry and empty)

All metal packaging can be recycled. Including small items, such as bottle caps, lids, the seals on crème fraiche containers and screw-on caps. All types of packaging are important.

Squeeze as much as you can from metal tubes, leave the cap on to stop them from smelling, and place them in the metal packaging receptacle. The plastic cap is combusted and generates energy when the metal is melted down.

Do not sort as metal packaging

Tea light candle cups of metal and plastic, and torch holders. Contact your municipality for information. Cans with left-over paint, adhesives, solvents are sorted as hazardous waste.

Metallic bags containing more soft plastic or paper are sorted by the heaviest material.

Scrap metal, plumbing parts, frying pans and other products that are not packaging are sorted as bulky waste.

Electronics and electrical items are collected under producer responsibility for electronics. See for more information

Se our videos about recycling of newspaper and packaging.

How to use the recycling bins

The hole of our recycling bins are regulated by the authoroty (Boverket) to avoyd bodoly harm.Please do like below to use our recycling bins if you have a lager packaging.

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