a simple way to resolve responsibilities

To make it easier for all companies affected by the law of producers responsibility, Sweden's business and industrial sector has joined forces to create a common system for the collection and recycling of packaging. A service organization, FTI, has been established to offer a cost-price service.

FTIs´recycling system is not profit-motivated. All companies affiliated with the system pay packaging fees in relation to the amount of packaging material their operations generate.

FTI objectives and results

Today nearly 10 000 companies are affiliated with FTI. They account for most of all packaging in the Swedish market. Collection levels have increased and in most cases exceed Government objectives.

Green Dot

Companies that are affiliated with FTI are entitled to use the Green Dot symbol on their packaging.

This symbol is used in a large number of European countries as proof that a company meets its obligations as a producer.  You can download print files from our image bank.

REPA has merged with FTI

On April 1, 2013, REPA merged with the Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service (Förpacknings- och Tidningsinsamlingen AB, FTI), and Reparegistret AB were discontinued. In conjunction with the merger on April 1, the subsidiary were discontinued and those producer companies that were affiliated with REPA became affiliates and customers of the FTI.

The aim is that affiliated companies are able to more easily benefit from the goodwill generated by helping to finance a collection system that is highly appreciated by their clients. Another benefit are that FTI are more readily seen by the public at large as being supported by a considerable portion of the Swedish business community.

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