About FTI


Every time you drop off some old packaging for recycling, something amazing happens. Old bottle caps are transformed into nuts and bolts. That crumpled-up packet of washing powder is made into a nice new shoe box.

FTI is proud to be working on behalf of the producers who are selling their packaged goods in Sweden, which means helping them to promote a sustainable business and to meet their obligations as a producer. These obligations include responsibility for their products until they are sold, as well as the end-of-life environmental impact of the products.

The materials in the packaging must be recycled and used to make new products. This requires a collection system that enables consumers to recycle these products, whether they live in the far north, or far south, of Sweden.

A national collection system is needed from one end of the country to the other. From north to south, the collected materials are transported to baling facilities where they are sorted and compressed, and then on to recycling facilities where they are processed for sale to manufacturers that use recycled materials instead of virgin materials from the earth’s crust. These are manufacturers who want to avoid depleting our natural resources.

The owner of FTI is four material companies: MetallKretsen, Svensk plaståtervinning, Returkartong och Svensk Glasåtervinning. In the boards of FTI´s and the material companies you will find representatives from the packaging industriy, retailing and branchorganisations.

Our office is in Stockholm but we also have personel located in other parts of Sweden.

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