The Seven-Point Program defines a clear mission for our organization. It requires that FTI retains responsibility for the collection, that a definition of those producers with legally imposed producer responsibility is established, and that a regulatory authority is introduced in combination with a clear regulatory framework for a pre-approved collection system.

The seven points briefly entail:

1. Recycling stations. A clear focus on the refurbishment and care of recycling stations.

2. Curbside collection services. A focus on expanded curbside collection services for households, up to 50 percent.

3. Partnerships. Clearly defined partnership agreements with all of Sweden’s 290 municipalities. FTI also aims to continue implementing various development and partnership projects with municipalities and other stakeholders

4. Quality control. Regular quality assessments along the entire recycling chain, where household ratings serve as guidance for improvement.

5. Communication initiative. FTI aims to develop support for municipalities, to ensure that households receive effective information.

6. Recyclable packaging. We want to provide a tool for packaging developers, purchasers and sustainability managers to help them make even smarter choices when selecting packaging materials.

7. Materials recycling. FTI wants to contribute to better materials recycling by improving the sorting, processing and sales of recycled material.

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