In 1994, the Swedish Government introduced producer responsibility for packaging and newspapers.

Producer responsibility means that producers are responsible for environmental impact of the goods they produce, as well as their ultimate disposal.

Regulatory requirements and commercial solution

In an effort to meet regulatory requirements on the responsibility for collection and recycling, the business sector (industry and retail) mobilized to form a joint materials company. Initially, these companies were Plastkretsen, Svensk Kartongåtervinning, Returwell, Metallkretsen, Svensk Glasåtervinning and Pressretur.

Material companies formed service organizations

Four of these companies (excluding glass and newspapers) formed two service organizations: Förpackningsinsamlingen and REPA.

Förpackningsinsamlingen was formed to coordinate the materials companies’ joint needs in terms of maintenance and operation of the collection system (recycling stations).

REPA’s mission was to act as the joint financing company for the collection and recycling system for plastic, cardboard/carton, corrugated board and metal packaging.

FTI was formed in 2005

At the end of 2005, Förpackningsinsamlingen’s business operations were transferred to the Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service (FTI).

At the same time, Pressretur became one of the company’s owners and Svensk Glasåtervinning entered into a general partnership agreement with the Board of FTI.

That same year, materials companies Returwell and Svensk Kartongåtervinning merged with Returkartong.

REPA became part of FTI

A major reorganization was implemented 2007 when REPA became part of FTI, and FTI took over the collection operations of Plastkretsen, Metallkretsen and Returkartong.

On April 1, 2013, REPA was merged with FTI and became a marketing department in the Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service.

New partnership agreement

From April 1, 2014, a new long-term partnership agreement was concluded between the company’s owners in all five materials companies to guarantee sustainability and strength for expanding curbside collection services, maintaining a continued focus on the operation and care of recycling stations, developing information to households, new partnership agreements with municipalities and national consumer surveys – otherwise known as the Five-Point Program, which is aimed at taking the recycling system into the 2020s.

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