Owners and boards

FTI is owned by four materials companies: Svensk Plaståtervinning (previously Plastkretsen), RK Returkartong, Svenska Metallkretsen and Svensk Glasåtervinning.

All five companies are non-profit organizations and no distribution of profits to owners is permitted, in order to minimize the impact of collection and recycling-related expenses on the price of goods.

The Board of FTI consists of representatives of the materials companies’ owners.

The board for FTI consists of:

  • Lars Påhlson – Chairman
  • Karin Brynell – Svenska Metallkretsen
  • Daniel Jacobsson - Arbetstagarrepresentant, Akademikerna FTI
  • Johan Rabe – RK Returkartong
  • Anders Fröberg – Svensk plaståtervinning
  • Per Sandberg – Svensk Glasåtervinning
  • Göran Holm – Svenska Metallkretsen

Operations are conducted non-profit and no economic dividends to the owners may be allowed.

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