Plants for recycling

Plastic packaging

Different types of plastics are sorted automatically at sorting facilities. This technology has increased recycling rates for the collected material and improved the working environment of contractors. After processing at the sorting facilities, the material is converted into new raw material and sold to companies that make plastic products.

Paper packaging

Fiskeby Board in Norrköping recycles more than half of the paper packaging we have collected into new board, which is sold to packaging manufacturers. We also supply mills in Europe and the Far East.

Metal packaging

Aluminum packaging is cast into ingots (such as gold bars), which are delivered as new raw material to companies that use aluminum to make products. We also supply facilities in Europe with aluminum. Steel packaging is mainly recycled by Ovako in Smedjebacken. A small amount is delivered to Germany.

Glass containers

All glass collected in Sweden goes to Hammar. Optical sorting machines remove impurities and also sort the glass by color. Two-thirds of the processed glass raw material is sold to glassworks and formed into new glass. The largest glassworks customer is Ardagh in Limmared, which makes all of the bottles for Absolut Vodka. The remaining glass raw material is sold to companies that make glass wool and foam glass.


The collected newspapers are transported to a sorting facility, where unwanted material is removed. The newspapers are then transported to one of the three paper mills that receive Swedish waste paper. The waste paper is converted into new printing paper, paper towels, toilet paper and paper tissues.

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