recycling statistics

We have gathered our statistics on these pages. We use the following terms: material collected, collection rate and recycling rate.

‘Material collected’ is the amount of newspapers and packaging waste collected from households via recycling stations and curbside collection services. The value refers to gross weight, i.e. including impurities. Value is calculated as kg per resident and year.

‘Collection rate’ refers to the amount of material recycled, divided by the amount of newspapers and packaging placed on the market by FTI-affiliated producers. The figures presented here refer to net weight, i.e. adjusted for moisture and ‘non-packaging.’ The figure refers to both household and commercial collections.

‘Recycling rate’ refers to the proportion of the amount of packaging that has been placed on the market and reported to FTI that has been collected and recycled into new raw material that replaces virgin raw material (according to the EU’s new definition of recycling in Directive 94/62/EC)

On these pages, we also present statistics for material quality, which we monitor by sampling to obtain an overall view of what the collected material contains.

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