recycling statistics

Recycling is our mission

The percentage of reported quantities of packaging and newspapers placed in the market by FTI-affiliated producers that has been recycled.

All material that we receive, according to our collection statistics, is sent to our various recycling facilities for conversion into new material. It is not possible to calculate the recycling rate until we know how much of the collected material has been recycled. At present, this information is not available until the end of spring/early summer each year.

The recycling rate is obtained by dividing the total amount of recycled material with the total amount of material that reached consumers. The results are presented in the third quarter of each year.

Here you can find the most recent recycling rates, and the recycling rates for previous years, that have been presented in our press releases (Swedish only).

Our recycling policy

  • We collect packaging and newspaper throughout Sweden
  • We keep collected materials separate
  • We aviod unnessesary transport
  • We carefully use recycling plants with the right processes
  • Our recycling always has the waste hierarchy in focus
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