RK Returkartong AB

Returkartong is the materials company for the paper packaging covered by producer responsibility for packaging in Sweden.

The company has no employees..The company’s operational activities were transferred to FTI in August, 2007.

Returkartong AB is owned by 15 companies and organizations. The owners represent the entire packaging chain, from material manufacturers, packaging manufacturers (converters) and fillers (companies that fill the packaging with goods) to importers, retailers and distributors.


  • Stora Enso Skoghall AB
  • Holmen AB
  • Kappa Kraftliner AB
  • Korsnäs AB
  • Smurfit Holdings AB
  • DS Smith Packaging AB
  • SCA Packaging Obbola AB
  • Fiskeby Board AB
  • Stora Enso Packaging AB
  • Svenska Kartongförpackningsföreningen
  • Tetra Pak Sverige AB
  • Elopak AB
  • Dagligvaruleverantörers Förbund
  • Svensk Dagligvaruhandel
  • Svensk Handel AB
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