Svensk Glasåtervinning

Svensk Glasåtervinning is responsible for the collection and recycling of glass containers in Sweden.

All glass containers collected in Sweden are recycled at their facility in Hammar and processed into new glass raw material.

The company implements all planning and development for the joint recycling stations on behalf of FTI. Svensk Glasåtervinning organizes its own collection services, but works closely with FTI. For example, FTI is authorized to verify that contractors of Svensk Glasåtervinning fulfil their obligations.


Svensk Glasåtervinning AB is jointly owned by their main customers:

  • Ardagh Glass Limmared AB
  • Dagligvaruleverantörers förbund
  • Sprit & Vinleverantörsföreningen
  • Svensk Dagligvaruhandel
  • Sveriges Bryggerier 


See their webbpage (Swedish only) 

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