Find a recycling station

Drop-off your used packaging and newspapers at a recycling station. Approxiomately 5000 recycling stations can be found in public places across Sweden, usually close to stores, gas stations and residential areas. The stations sometimes also offer receptacles for batteries and clothing, which not are provided by us. The recycling stations are intended for households only.

Search for your nearest recycling station in our registry of recycling stations across Sweden. The addresses of recycling centers are also included.

How to search:

  • Click on "Search for a recycling station" (webpage in Swedish only)
  • Choose to click on "hitta min plats" (fetch my place) or
  • Select a municipality.
  • Select a suburb or location if you want to reduce the number of hits (to the right of the map)

See the results on the map. Click on the station mark to get more information address, when the station is emptied och cleaned, and also to report inaccuracies.

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