According to the law "Ordinance of Producers' responsibilities for packaging" all companies that produce, import or sell packaged goods are subject to a number of obligations.

To make it easier for all companies affected by this law, Sweden's business and industrial sector has joined forces to create a common system for the collection and recycling of packaging. A service organization, FTI, has been established.

The Swedish Environmental Code

The ordinances of Producers clarifies the responsebilities in chapter 15 in the Swedish environmental code.PDF This text is our own translation and we are not responsible for whether it, in legal terms, concords with the legislator’s meaning.


The following ordinances regulate producer responsibility for packaging and newspapers.

Consumers have a responsibility

Under these same regulations, both households and businesses are required to sort their waste and drop-off used products and packaging. Households can dispose of their waste at drop-off sites/waste disposal rooms and recycling stations. Businesses contract recycling companies, or dispose of their waste at designated drop-off points.

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