Annual Report 2018

FTI’s Annual Report for 2018 is now available. The major news is that we have decided to include a sustainability report this year, to provide greater insight into our operations.

2018 was a year of transition for FTI, and this is reflected in the report where we describe the implications of the Swedish government’s new producer responsibility framework.

The starting point for the report is the vision that everyone benefits from recycling, and you will meet some of FTI’s stakeholders. Löfbergs and HKScan describe how they are working with their packaging to achieve ambitious sustainability targets. We visit the Brinken preschool, where The Material World (our educational material) was a great success, as it was for thousands of other preschool children in Sweden. We present some of the research projects that FTI is involved in, and visit our owner’s (Svensk Plaståtervinning) ultra-modern sorting facility in Motala. And not least, we are looking forward to a dynamic and exciting future with an even stronger focus on recycling and sustainability.

FTI annual report 2018 (pdf)PDF

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