FTI engages with children to teach them about recycling

The Material World

The Material World is a training program for preschools and young families, produced by the Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service (FTI). It teaches children about all of the different materials that can be recycled and where to drop them off.

Each type of material is represented by a character – like Bånk, who eats metal packaging, or Prasslis, who eats newspapers and waste paper. Children learn how to sort the materials by playing an interactive game on our website materialvärlden.se By carrying out assignments at home or at preschool, the children become everyday material feeders and recycling heroes.

For preschools, there are also special assignments that they can do together at school and a start kit that can be ordered. The kit contains recycling bins, brochures describing the materials, stickers, medals and diplomas.

“The aim is to inspire children to learn more about recycling. Children are particularly important because they take the behavior they learn with them when they move out, but can also influence their parents while still living at home,” says Veronica Foberg Gustafsson, Director of Communications at FTI.

Visit materialvärlden.se


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