FEES 2020

Annual fee

The annual fee for all affiliated companies 1 500 SEK per calendar year. Lowest fee including annual fee is 2 000 SEK per year. This applies to companies reporting packaging fees less than 500 SEK per year.

As of January 1, 2020, price changes will apply for certain packaging

A complete price list with the new prices is presented below. 

Packaging fees 2020.

Packaging fees 2020.

Fixed standard rates

The fixed standard rates are 2 000, 4 000, or 8 500 SEK per year (including the annual fee).

As of December 2019, we can no longer allow fixed standard rates for customers who have not had it before. The reason is that, as of 2022, a producer has an obligation to submit a report to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency no later than 31 March of each year, which must contain information on the amount of packaging that the producer has supplied or released on the Swedish market previous year. Read more in Regulation (2018: 1462) on producer responsibility for packaging, 73§.

FTI has applied for permission from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to be able to act as a representative for its customers and report instead of them. As it seems today, reporting should be done in kilos, even if done by the manufacturer.

Pending a final answer regarding the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's report, those of our customers who currently pay a fixed annual standard fee may keep it. We will return with updated information as soon as it becomes available.

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