Packaging fees

The principle of packaging fees is simple, each packaging must bear its own cost.

The collection and recycling of packaging is financed by packaging fees. The structure of the fees is that each package bears its own cost, which explains why the fees differ between different types of materials.

The idea is that there should be no financing between materials, or between business packaging, service packaging and household packaging.

Furthermore, all companies have the same fee structure. There are no negotiations on fees, but the basic principle is what governs - the cost of collecting and processing a package from a list producer is the same as for a large producer.

Modulated fee structure drive development

In April 2019, we introduced modulated fees for plastic packaging and on January 1, 2020, the same thing began to apply to paper packaging. The idea of ​a modulated fee structure is that it should cost more to put a package on the market that is difficult to recycle, than one that is designed to be able to be recycled. By creating a clear financial incentive, we drive the development of more recyclable packaging forward.

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