Our support and service to producers

We will achieve circular material flows when all parts in the recycling chain work together. It is only when the packaging that is put on the market, has been collected, recycled and used in new products, that we have closed the circle and created maximum environmental benefit.

We at FTI are here for you and your company

With our experience and solid knowledge, we can guide you through all steps of the recycling chain. We ensure that you fulfill your producers' responsibility. As affiliated to us, we offer advice and seminars on design for recycling. We have packaging manuals for several types of materials which contain thorough advice on how you can produce recyclable packaging.

Together with the material companies that are our owners, we monitor and drive the development of technology and processes in the recycling industry forward, and we work actively to ensure that the demand for recycled material is constantly increasing.

Join us and become part of the chain. Together we can make a difference!

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