Label your packaging

The labelling system for packaging has been updated to be even clearer. The labelling system is designed so that the same symbol can be found on both packaging and on containers in environmental rooms and at recycling stations. All to make it easier for consumers to sort their waste correctly.

The idea is to have a uniform symbol that acts as a common thread throughout the consumer recycling journey.

The symbols for packaging are based on a joint Nordic labeling system for all types of waste. Certain adjustments have been made to adapt the system to Swedish conditions. If you have packaging that are sold in several Nordic countries, it is important for you to note that there may be slight differences in use between the Nordic countries.

Access to pictograms

Here you will find the pictograms for marking your packaging. They can be downloaded as eps-files by clicking on the images, if you need other formats, you are welcome to contact us!

Piktogram för färgade flasförpackningar
Piktogram för ofärgade flasförpackningar
Piktogram för metallförpackningar
Piktogram för pappersförpackningar
Piktogram för tidningar
Piktogram för plastförpackningar

You may refer to on the packaging for more information on recycling.

Instructions for use:

The symbol can be scaled up and down to other sizes to adapt to the packaging.

The symbol may be used with or without text. Text is always placed outside the colored field of the symbol, either below or next to it, depending on what best suits the format of the packaging.


Colour-codes for labeling

The colors must not be changed because the system is designed in color categories according to joint properties. An alternative is to use a black and white version.


The recommended minimum size of the symbol is 10 mm. On very small packages, the height of the symbol can in exceptional cases be reduced, the minimum size is 6 mm.

Fraction name

Each symbol has a specific fraction name which may be used together with the symbol:

  • Coloured glass packaging
  • Clear glass packaging
  • Metal packaging
  • Paper packaging
  • Plastic packaging
  • Newspapers


The packaging name is written in the font D-Din condensed bold, in capital letters (can be downloaded free of charge at fonts / d-din).

Supplement with text

To make it easier for consumers to sort correctly, packaging should be labeled with clear sorting instructions.

We recommend: Sort as (material type) packaging, preferably combined with the current pictogram. If space does not allow it, you should print (material type) packaging, i.e. plastic packaging, paper packaging, uncolored glass packaging, etc.

Packaging with several components that can be separated easily
If the packaging consists of several components that can be easily separated, for example a plastic lid on a paper packaging, these must be sorted separately.

In these cases, the sorting instructions for the lid should also be printed on the packaging according to: Unscrew the cap and sort as plastic packaging. The packaging is sorted at source as paper packaging.

Do you have questions about the new label and how you can use them on your products?

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