The Swedish government introduced new producer responsibility ordinances in July 2018. These ordinances entail changes to the definition of producer, and that producers are subject to new data collection and reporting requirements as of January 1, 2021.

We have gathered information about packaging data and reporting in this section.
The reporting period for quarterly data commences on March 25
Please note that the reporting period for the first quarter of 2021 commences on March 25.

What must be reported to FTI?

Only volumes of plastic, metal, paper (incl. cardboard, corrugated board) packaging are reported to FTI.

Who is a producer?

According to the Swedish regulation on producer responsibility for packaging a producer is anyone that professionally;

  • bring in packaged items or packaging to the Swedish market.
  • manufactures packaging in Sweden, or
  • places a packaged item on the Swedish market,
  • fills or otherwise uses a package for the purpose of protecting, presenting or facilitating the handling of an item. Does not apply service packaging.

What packaging has to be reported?

You must report the following packaging:

  • Packaging that your company packs or fills and then sells, or places, on the Swedish market.
  • Packaging for products that your company imports or brings into Sweden.
  • Packaging that your company adds to an already packaged product.
  • Packaging included in your company’s own deposit-return scheme. The packaging is only reported when it is used for the first time. Packaging is not reported when it is re-used. Example: bread crates that are used by bakeries for transport.
  • Packaging that is used internally for deliveries within the company, even though it is not placed on the market.
  • Service packaging that your company produces, imports, brings in or assumes reporting responsibility for under a separate agreement. Please note that the wrapping material used to protect service packaging must also be reported. Exports are not reported.

Household or commercial packaging?

It may be difficult to determine whether packaging should be reported as household or commercial packaging, but it depends on the end-user. If the end-user is unclear (either household or commercial), the packaging is classified as household packaging.

If the end-user is a consumer or household, the packaging should be reported as household packaging, even though the product may have been sold in several stages before it finally reaches a store and is purchased by a consumer.

Many people believe that if a product is sold to a wholesaler, the packaging should be reported as commercial packaging, but that is not necessarily the case.

Packaging that is sorted for recycling by companies, industry or any other commercial operation is classified as commercial packaging.


Report all imported packaging. By that we mean all packaging purchased directly from another country, i.e. when the foreign supplier bills you. (The exception is when foreign companies are affiliated with FTI and they report their packaging to us.)
For imports, you must report all of the packaging around the products, both packing and filling materials. This also applies to the packaging where you are the end-user.

Own consumption

Report all packaging and packing materials that you purchase and use for your own packing, filling or repackaging. There are some exceptions, however. More information, may be found here - Do not report the following

Do you have questions that we haven’t answered here, or do you need more information about reporting?

Contact your account manager at FTI for assistance.

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