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2.4 million full recycling bins – that’s the amount of newspapers and packaging that was collected for recycling in Sweden in 2020. Interest in the environment and sustainability has reached new heights and many people are passionate about recycling. Nearly everyone, in fact. Our latest statistics from the Recycling Barometer show that more than nine out of ten Swedes recycle. That’s absolutely fantastic because everyone wins when you recycle!

Every year, we present statistics for the Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service (FTI) that show hard facts about how good we Swedes really are at recycling. By literally weighing all of the material that we collect for recycling, we can produce concrete figures.

Last year, every person in Sweden sent an average of 50 kg of packaging and 14 kg of newspapers for recycling and the total amount of newspapers and packaging collected was 660,828 metric tons.

All the material we collect is sent onwards to various recycling facilities. There it is sorted and processed so that as much as possible can then be sold to buyers who use the material to make new products.

Would you like to learn more about your own municipality? The table below shows the results for each municipality. The statistics have been compiled to enable a comparison of the figures for all of Sweden – per municipality, for each type of material, or year-on-year.

Does recycling seem complicated, or do you sometimes lose inspiration? Visit our home recycling ideas page for information and inspiration about collection and recycling.

About the collection statistics

· Sometimes residents from one municipality drop-off their newspapers and packaging in another municipality. Such as when they are traveling for work, or have a vacation home in another municipality. The statistics do not take this into account.

· The loads from two or more municipalities may sometimes be combined in the same collection truck. That’s because we are trying to work as climate-smart as possible. In these cases, we use an average figure for the municipalities concerned.

· Some places in Sweden have local recycling solutions. These newspapers and packaging are not therefore included in FTI’s statistics.

Statistics for Sweden 2020 (national)

Type of packaging (kg/resident):GlassPaperPlasticMetalNewspapers
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